Like other paintings in this series, Bali Hai is a recount of a significant event in my military career.  I count on the emotional energy I put into the painting to translate back to the viewer, perhaps in a way that transforms it – this is the power of large abstract paintings.  The dimensions of the painting reflect my size and reach.  The marks and colors reflect the visceral nature of the recounted event, and movement and rhythm of the painting reflect my movements in reaction to recounting those moments while painting it.  It truly is a relic of the performance of my emotional catharsis that occurred while creating it.  For me, it was a landmark painting that is all at once, personal, authentic, and healing for me.  The series, and especially this painting, has helped me to define my painting style and define my “artistic DNA”.  In this video interview, I discuss Bali Hai. Bali Hai was part of the Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Art Show, Forth Worth, Texas 2017-2018.  The painting has since sold and I am very grateful to the collector.

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 90″ x 65″

Year: 2017

Status: Sold or unavailable

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