This series is about light, both literally and metaphorically.  I was fortunate to have been granted access to the Makapu’u Lighthouse in 2006 while stationed on Oahu.  The lighthouse is on the Eastern side of Oahu with amazing vistas.  This project is the result of special access I received as a Coast Guard Officer, a privilege I was fortunate to be granted due to hard work and dedication.  The lighthouse lights the rocky island as an aid to navigation for wayward vessels in the Pacific.  Light emanates from the fresnel lens for mariners, but sunlight also enters the lighthouse, creating its own magical show.  And the prismatic separation of this light by its wavelengths is a natural scientific spectacle for all to appreciate.  The rainbow in Hawaii is a bridge between the physical and spiritual world.

Medium: Digital Photo

Size: appx 1700×2200 px

Year: 2006

Status: Available – Contact me to purchase

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