This work explores the transformation of an image through a system of code-based rules and technological processes in a virtual space, with a re-emergence back in to the physical world.  I use my original generative computer code written in Processing (Java) to create the digital images.  From there, I use additional software and a Computer Numeric Control (CNC) router machine to transform the images into wood-cut plates.  These plates are then used on a traditional printing press to create embossings on art paper.  In this way the original spark in my mind filters from through a system of technology to emerge into the physical world.  In this piece, the generative software allows for minimal human intervention into the aesthetic process.  The code I wrote gives the algorithm full control of go in determining which shapes go into any given cell of the matrix.  However, after allowing the algorithm to churn out many iterations, I hand-selected the iterations that I felt spoke to me, and then chose them for presentation.  Other pieces in the series (Influenced System, Binary Prototype) allow varying levels of intervention into the aesthetic decisions. This is a means of exploring human-computer interaction, and the exchange of aesthetic control between the artist and the system they have written. The shapes in this series also evoke human figures, seated, as if around a fire or in a circle on the ground. This was not intentional and the reason that I decided upon the title.  This piece was also featured in the Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Art Show in Fort Worth, Texas, 2016-2017.

Medium: Embossed generative prints with intervention

Size: Set of 3 framed at 14″ x 14″ each

Year: 2016

Status: Available – Contact me to purchase

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