This work explores the transformation of an image through a system of code-based rules and technological processes in a virtual space, with a re-emergence back in to the physical world.  I use my original generative computer code written in Processing (Java) to create the digital images.  From there, I use additional software and a Computer Numeric Control (CNC) router machine to transform the images into wood-cut plates.  These plates are then used on a traditional printing press to create embossings on art paper.  In this way the original spark in my mind filters from through a system of technology to emerge into the physical world.  In this piece, the generative software allows for a great deal of human intervention into the aesthetic process.  The code I wrote allows the user to choose which shapes go in any given cell of the matrix.  Other pieces in the series (Gatherings, Binary Prototype) allow varying levels of intervention into the aesthetic decisions. This is a means of exploring human-computer interaction, and the exchange of aesthetic control between the artist and the system they have written. The shapes in this series also evoke ancient language and symbology, as if they are etchings found on an ancient rune or cave-wall.  This was not intentional and I find it quite interesting that a project that uses current hi-technology can evoke an ancient language.  This piece was also featured in the Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Art Show in Fort Worth, Texas, 2017-2018 (unfortunately there was a misprint with the title).

Medium: Embossed generative prints with intervention

Size: Set of 3 framed at 14″ x 24″ each

Year: 2016

Status: Available – Contact me to purchase

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