Painting allows me to express emotions or feelings through an action and a release of energy. I view painting as a means of capturing my energy on a canvas for future absorption by the viewer. Abstract work allows for that energy to be translated into something new. I transfer my energy to the canvas, and something unique and personal returns to the viewer, often with a meaning or feeling completely unrelated to mine. The success of these works does not lie in the clear translation of my emotions, but in the clear transfer of that energy, even as the original emotion undergoes a change of meaning.

Simply put, the painting succeeds if I or the viewer experience emotional movement from the painting. That transference of energy is healing (and I guess that makes me a a sort of healer, or at least a self-healer). I often paint on a large scale (5′ x 7′ or larger). This scale matches that of my reach. And the actions captured in the brushstrokes and colors matches the motion of my body as I experience the release of painting.

At other times I paint on a smaller scale, hoping to capture a feeling or moment with a smaller scale and more attention to detail. I paint in oils, gouache, acrylics, and other media. Each has its attraction.