RESILIENT [пружний]

The flag stretches, shudders, deforms, but never tears. It is an undulating terrain absorbing repeated assault, releasing bursts of sunflower petals, floating gently into the dark abyss. 100% of the proceeds from this project help the people of Ukraine by way of the following organization:
Aid for Ukraine

This fully interactive NFT is a continuous-running animation (no loops) that can be panned, zoomed, rotated, etc.  It can be minted on any one of three different blockchains and 100% of the proceeds from initial sales and resale royalties will benefit Ukraine.  So buy this piece and sell it again.  Each transaction benefits Ukraine!   Watch the podcast below and read more on Baconbits Collective website.

Buy with: sSCRT

Scripting language:  THREEjs

Drop date: 2, 3, and 4 April 22
As of 8:30 Eastern on Day 1, this project has raised
568 SCRT (over $3500 @ $6.32 / SCRT)

Check out this Podcast from Secret Network that live-streamed on 1 April.
“Secret Code Podcast” on Youtube

Sample mints: