Temet Nosce is one in a series of paintings I did beginning in 2017.  This painting is, in many ways, an extension of me.  It relates to my body, in that its size corresponds to my reach, my height, my center of gravity.  I wanted to have my gestural movements captured on the canvas that were tied to my body as I reflected on my experiences.  Some of the other paintings in this series are related to a specific year or extended period in my life.  And yet others reflect on one specific day or event in my life.  

The painting is this series are abstract and emotionally expressive.  Simply put, the painting succeeds if I or the viewer experience emotional movement from the painting. That transference of energy is healing (and I guess that makes me a sort of healer, a self-healer, or perhaps a shaman). I often paint on a large scale (5′ x 7′ or larger). This scale matches that of my reach. And the actions captured in the brushstrokes and colors matches the motion of my body as I experience the release of painting.

Temet Nosce – Know Thyself – an ancient warrior’s theme that resounded throughout my military career and I was reflecting on this and the sum of my experiences in relation to that.  One thing I learned, especially early on, is that you can truly surprise yourself with your accomplishments.  A person can do much more than they imagine if they decide to push through their self-declared physical and mental limitations.


Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 90″ x 65″

Year: 2017

Status: Available – Contact me to purchase

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