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David Gail Smith is a creative technician, visual artist, and freelance code developer currently based in Dallas, Texas.

After retiring in 2014 from 21-year military career, he is now pursuing a professional art practice. Endeavoring to rediscover the “energy of wonder” he possessed as a young man before the military, Smith completed degrees in Fine Arts and Creative computation in 2017.  Originally from Erie, Pennsylvania, Smith moved across the U.S. several times while growing up and served nearly half of his military career overseas.  His worldwide travels, exposure to many cultures, and unusual life experiences have given him a unique perspective.  

Smith’s eclectic work experiments across media and involves emotional introspection of his experiences and shared influence on others in the world and vice versa.  He is on an eternal quest for themes that bind people, blend cultures, and celebrate humanity in pursuit of what is universal and simply put – beautiful and interesting.  He seeks to defy stereotypes, transcend divisive and useless social and political assumptions, and connect with anyone he meets in search of common ground.  With one foot in the world of painting and one world in the world of computers, he readily combines art with technology, the traditional with the cutting-edge, and the ancient with the futuristic.  As such, his work explores the space between fine art and computer coding, in search of an art that is the hybrid of historical tradition and future technology.

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Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

David G. Smith


2017 – Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art, Southern Methodist University
2016 – Bachelor of Arts in Creative Computation, Southern Methodist University
2008 – Masters of Aeronautical Science, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University w/ Human Factors and Aviation Education
1992 – Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Studies w/ Computer Science


2021 – Current: Independent Artist and Creative Technician, DGS Creative LLC (est. 2017)
2017 – 2021: Undergraduate Instructor in Creative Computing, Southern Methodist University
Courses: “Art and Code I (Java with Processing)”, “Principles of Computer Science”, “Art & Code II”, “Nand2Tetris – Elements of Computing Systems”, “Aesthetics && Computation”, “Creative Computing Capstone”, “Special Topics in Creative Computing”
2014 – 2017: Full time student, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas
2002 – 2014: Rescue Helicopter Pilot, Active Duty, U.S. Coast Guard
2000 – 2002: Helicopter Maintenance Officer, U.S. Army National Guard (GS-12 Civilian)
1992 – 2000: Medevac Helicopter Pilot, Active Duty, U.S. Army


*2019 – Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Art & Design Center, Boston, MA
2019 – Mercedes-Benz Financial Svc., Experiencing Perspectives, Fort Worth, Texas
2018 – Art on Henderson, Group Exhibition with artist Todd Camplin, Dallas, Texas
2018 – Mercedes-Benz Financial Svc., Experiencing Perspectives, Fort Worth, Texas
2018 – Dallas Farmer’s Market, completed public 12′ x 8′ mural entitled “Athenian”, Dallas, Texas
2018 – Doolin Gallery, Creative Computing Beat-down, Dallas, Texas
2017 – Eisemann Performance Center Mezzanine Gallery, Abstract, Richardson, Texas
2017 – Pollock Gallery, BFA Qualifying Exhibition, Dallas, Texas
2017 – Doolin Gallery, Earth and Sky, Dallas, Texas
2017 – Mercedes-Benz Financial Svc., Experiencing Perspectives, Fort Worth, Texas
*2016 – Doolin Gallery, Throughput, Dallas, Texas
2016 – Owen Fine Art Center at SMU, New Cities Future Ruins, Dallas, Texas
2016 – Mercedes-Benz Financial Svc., Experiencing Perspectives, Fort Worth, Texas
2016 – Doolin Gallery, Pixels2Perception, Dallas, Texas
2015 – Meadows Museum, Traditions and Transformations, Dallas, Texas
2015 – Cedars Union Open Studio Tour, Dallas, Texas
2015 – Doolin Gallery, The Other Another Me, Dallas, Texas
2012 – Diego Rivera Gallery, Fall ACE Exhibition, San Francisco, California
2011 – Diego Rivera Gallery, Spring ACE Exhibition, San Francisco, California
2010 – Diego Rivera Gallery, Fall ACE Exhibition, San Francisco, California
* Denotes solo exhibition


2016 – Grand Prize, Lakota Lithograph Art Contest, Airbus Helicopters, Fort Worth, Texas

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